Rules & Regulations


  1. You must complete the marked course on foot under your own power.
  2. You must stay on the marked course at all times. The course will be clearly marked using marking tapes and signs and there will be race marshals stationed on critical points along the course. If you get lost return to the last sighted marking or check point. Short-cutting is not permitted. Violation means outright disqualification from the race.
  3. Race bib must be worn and is clearly visible at all times.
  4. Intermediate cut-off times are imposed at some of the aid stations (see detailed information under race information page).
  5. A participant must be self-contained/equipped with the complete mandatory equipment. Otherwise, he/she will not be allowed to run. Mandatory equipment will be checked upon claiming of race kits. Random check may also be conducted along the course or any of the aid stations. Failure to present any of the mandatory equipment is a ground for disqualification. A 30-minute grace period will be given to produce the missing item before allowing the participant to continue with the race.
  6. It is a requirement that all runners carry a mobile phone throughout the duration of the race. Make sure your phone is fully charged before the race. Please be aware that reception is intermittent or none at all in some parts of the course.
  7. Pacers are not allowed.
  8. There will be no cups, bowl & spoon available at the aid stations. Please bring your own cup as part of your mandatory equipment.
  9. Participants will need to carry adequate nutrition supplies between aid stations.
  10. There are long sections where runners will need to be self-sufficient between aid stations. This will mean runners will require to carry at least one (1) liter upon leaving the aid stations.
  11. Support crews may only provide assistance at the following aid stations: Batad, Habbang Bridge, Bulhe Highway, Mayoyao Municipal, Barlig, Awan-Igid, Mount Polis, Bokiawan & Amganad. No support is allowed outside the vicinity of the aid station or anywhere along the course.
  12. The use of trekking poles is allowed and highly recommended on all categories.
  13. Littering is strictly prohibited. There will be garbage bags located at the aid stations. Violation of this rule will mean outright disqualification.
  14. Picking or damaging plants, animals, fungi and rocks found along the race course are prohibited.
  15. Please be careful not to damage properties located along the race course.
  16. The course will pass through residential areas. Please do not make loud noises or sound when passing through these areas at night.
  17. All participants must be self-contained and must carry the mandatory equipment at all times during the event. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to run.
  18. There will be a mandatory equipment check upon claiming of race kit to ensure you have all the mandatory gears but it is your own responsibility to decide whether your clothing/gear provides adequate protection for night time and possible wet weather running.
  19. There will be a medical team on standby at every aid station, approach the staff if you need medical assistance. However, basic first-aid kit for treating minor wounds and injuries is part of the mandatory equipment.
  20. Anyone caught tampering with the course markings (e.g., vandalizing & maliciously re-positioning trail signs) or other actions that are deemed against fair and sporting spirit is unacceptable and will result in automatic disqualification with lifetime ban from participating in our future events.
  21. If you can no longer continue with the race, you must notify the race organizer with a text message as soon as possible, or proceed to the nearest aid station and inform the race staff there. Save the following emergency contact numbers on your phone: +63 922-847-6724 / +63 918-919-1416. Please DO NOT simply exit the race and go home without telling anyone about it.
  22. If you dropped-out of the race, you will have to pay for your own transportation going back to the finish line (Banaue Hotel).
  23. You are responsible for checking the official updates provided by the race organizer on the race website or on Facebook. Please follow the instructions provided.
  24. The Race Director reserves the right to adjust the start time, modify the course, rules and regulations under some circumstances for the safety of all runners.
  25. Written Protest should be made within 1 hour after the cut-off time in case there’s complaint against cheating or violation of rules. A protest fee of 500PHP will be collected to process the complaint.
  26. The Race Director’s decision is final and non non-appealable.


Item 100M 100K 50K 30K 10K Penalty
Race bib Disqualification
Hydration system Disqualification
Trail running shoes 1 hour
Basic first-aid kit 1/2 hour
Mobile phone — able to make/receive calls and text messages 1 hour
Whistle 1/2 hour
Rain jacket 1 hour
2 sets of headlamp and/or flash light with spare batteries Disqualification
Emergency blanket / space blanket / thermal blanket 1 hour
Reflective vest and/or blinking lights 1/2 hour
Drinking cup* / feeding utensils No hot meal/drink

*ALTRA100 is a CUP-LESS RACE. Bring your own personal drinking cup for cold beverages.