Frequently Asked Questions

This page is updated periodically. Please check this page from time to time to ensure you have the most up-to-date information. If you have further concerns, send us a message at our Contact page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Do I need to submit a medical certificate?

Yes, no exceptions. You must have a medical certificate attesting that you are fit to partake in strenuous physical activities, carried out no more than three months before the start date of the event. All documentation must be presented to the organisers upon claiming of race kit.

What are the minimum age requirements to be able to join?
  • 10K – 10 years or older on race day.*
  • 30K – 15 years or older on race day.*
  • 50K – 18 years or older on race day.
  • 100K –  18 years or older on race day.
  • 100M – 18 years or older on race day.

*If below 18 years of age, a written letter of consent from the parent or legal guardian is required.

Can I register on-site on the day before the race?

Unfortunately no entries will be accepted after the announced deadline.

Can I switch to another category?

No, switching to another race category is not allowed under any circumstances. (e.g. You cannot change from 100M to 100K, or vice versa, etc.)

If I failed to show up at the race start or I did-not-finished, can I get a refund?

There are no entry fee refunds (full or partial) for whatever the reason once you’ve signed up for the race.

Something came up and I will not be able to make it on race day, can I transfer my entry to another person?

No, your entry (race bib/number) cannot be transferred to another person.

It's my first time traveling to the Philippines, do you offer an arranged round trip transport from Manila to Banaue?

Yes we do. If you would like to avail of this offer, please message us at the time and date of your arrival and departure. Local participants may also reserve their slots, however, priority will be given to foreigners and is on a first-come, first serve basis.

Are there any transport arrangements to get to the race start?

Yes, transportation from pick up point (Banaue Hotel) to race start (Awan-Igid) will be provided for official participants only. Each participant must present his/her race bib upon boarding. Please take note of the designated departure time for your category found at the Race Info page under the “PROGRAMME” section.

Will there be baggage check-in at the start line?

There will be no baggage check-in at the start line. However, you may deposit your baggage/finish-line bag at Banaue Hotel prior to departure.

Are there toilets at the start location?

Be advised that there are no toilets at the start location. Please arrive at the start line dressed and ready to go.

When and where will you be collecting drop bags?

Drop bags will be collected at Banaue Hotel one hour before the shuttle departs to the start line. DO NOT bring your drop bags at the race briefing.

Where should I wear my race bib?

Race bibs/numbers must be worn on your front and is clearly visible at all times. You may pin it on your shirt, on your shorts or attached on a race belt.

What type of footwear should I wear?

We would highly recommend wearing trail specific running shoes which has a good grip. They should be comfortable and not too tight. This is because when you run long distances, the volume of your feet may change between the start and finish of the race. Heat and extended physical exertion can change the size and shape of your feet and a shoe that is a half-size larger than what you usually take might prove a very wise choice.

Will you allow the use of trekking poles?

Yes, the use of trekking poles is allowed and highly recommended on all categories.

Why is a drinking cup part of the mandatory equipment?

ALTRA100 is a cup-free race. This means there will be no disposable cups, bowl, plastic spoon & fork available at the aid stations. Please bring your own reusable cup and feeding utensils.

Can I receive assistance from my support crew at the aid station?

Support crews may only provide assistance at the following aid stations: Batad, Habbang Bridge, Bulhe Highway, Mayoyao Municipal, Barlig, Awan-Igid, Mount Polis, Bokiawan & Amganad. No support is allowed outside the vicinity of the aid station or anywhere along the course.

Are pacers allowed?

No, sorry.

Are there intermediate cut-off times? What will happen if I miss the cut-off?

Yes, there are cut-off times at various checkpoints. Refer to the full list on each category below:

These cut off times are in place for the safety of runners and will be strictly enforced by checkpoint marshals. If you miss the cut-off time, you will be retired from the race, and will not be allowed to continue.

What should I do if I decide to withdraw from the race?

If you can no longer continue with the race, you must notify the race organizer with a text message as soon as possible, or proceed to the nearest aid station and inform the race staff there. Save the following emergency contact numbers on your phone: +63 922-847-6724 / +63 918-919-1416. Please DO NOT simply exit the race and go home without telling anyone about it.

If you dropped-out of the race, you will have to pay for your own transportation going back to the finish line.

What should I do if I come across an injured runner?

You absolutely must stop and try to help. If a runner is seriously injured, please call these emergency contact numbers +63 922-847-6724 / +63 918-919-1416. In case there is no mobile phone signal, please wait until another runner arrives to assist then run on until you get a signal.

Can my friends and family follow my progress online?

Yes! There will be online live tracking throughout the duration of the event.

Are there any prizes and when is the awarding ceremony?

Yes, prizes will be awarded to the top 3 male & female finishers in all categories. Awarding and closing ceremonies will take place at Banaue Hotel on Sunday, 29th April at 11:30 AM.