Distance: 160.7 Km
Duration: 46 Hours
Ascent: 12,582 m
Descent: 13,104 m
Date: 27.04.2018
Time: 1 PM
Start: Awan-igid
Finish: Banaue Hotel
ITRA: 6 points


To qualify for the 100M category, a participant:

  • Must have finished at least one 100 Km or longer race either on road or trail within a year prior to race day. Result must be verifiable on the internet.
  • Must be 18 years or older on race day. If under the age of 18, a written letter of consent from the parent or legal guardian is required.
  • Must be physically fit and in good health.

Download the GPX, KML and PDF file of the entire course below:


Intermediate cut-off time are in place for safety of runners and will be strictly enforced by checkpoint marshals. Runners must leave the aid station before the designated cut-off time to remain in the race. If you miss the cut-off time, you will be retired from the race, and will not be allowed to continue.

Station Checkpoint Distance (Km) Cut-off Time
Start Awan-igid 0
AS1 Pula Village 10
Cambulo Village 15.7
AS2 Batad 19 5 Hrs
AS3 Habbang Bridge 27.5
AS4 Talboc Village 33
AS5 Bulhe Highway 45.6 12 Hrs
CP1 Mount Tumanoktok 52.8
AS6 Mayoyao Hostel 57
AS7 Mayoyao Municipal 67.2
CP2 Mount Nagchajan 71.4
AS8 Mayoyao Municipal 75.5 20 Hrs
AS9 Bulhe Highway 78
AS10 Patyay Village 89
CP3 Mount Amuyao 94.8
AS11 Barlig 100.4 31 Hrs
AS12 Pula Village 111
AS13 Awan-igid 121.5 36 Hrs
AS14 Mount Polis 134.5
AS15 Bokiawan 147.2 43 Hrs
AS16 Amganad 156
Finish Banaue Hotel 160.7  46 Hrs


The following mandatory equipment must be carried at all times during the race. Random spot checks may be performed at any time, and time penalties or disqualification imposed for non-compliance depending on severity. Mandatory equipment will be checked during distribution of race kits.

Race Bib Must be clearly visible in front
Hydration System 1 liter minimum capacity
Water Reserve 1 liter minimum
Food Reserve Personal nutrition, sufficient for the distance between Aid Stations.
Trail Running Shoes Sandals/slippers and road shoes are not permitted for safety reasons.
Rain Jacket Protection from rain and wind
Whistle For calling attention
Basic First-Aid Kit For treating minor wounds and injuries
Mobile Phone Fully charged and able to make/receive calls and text messages. Save the following emergency contact numbers on your phone: +63 922 847 6724 / +63 918 919 1416
Drinking Cup / Feeding Utensils For hot soup and drinks. No cups, bowl & spoon will be provided at the Aid Stations.
2 sets of headlamp and/or flash light with spare batteries For illumination
Emergency Blanket / Space Blanket / Thermal Blanket For warmth
Reflective Vest and/or Blinking Lights For visibility at night


The following items are recommended and/or optional:

Item Description
Hydration Salt / Electrolytes To stop dehydration and prevent cramps. Should be taken as prescribed.
Energy Gels There will be food and drinks at the aid stations. However, you may bring your personal preferred nutrition.
Petroleum Jelly / Anti-chafing cream To protect against chafing & blistering
Sunscreen Protection against the sun. Apply before and during race.
Sunglasses Protection against UV rays
Hat / Scarf Protection against the sun, rain & cold at night
Wind Breaker Protection against the wind. Should not replace the mandatory rain jacket.
Long-sleeved shirt / Arm Sleeves Protection against the sun & cold at night.
Calf Compression/Sleeves Can be used as protection from sharp grasses and insects.
Trekking Poles Highly recommended! Especially useful for balancing on narrow paths such as rice paddies, and steep climbs.
Compass May aid in checking navigation or if lost
Course Map To aid in following the course
Running Gaiters To keep “stuff” out of your shoes, and they provide protection from scrapes and abrasions caused by trail debris, branches or rocks.
Cash You may also purchase food and drinks from local stores.


FRIDAY, 27th April 2018
07:00 AM Race Kit Distribution Banaue Hotel
09:00 AM Race Briefing Banaue Hotel
12:00 PM Shuttle Departure Banaue Hotel
12:30 PM Assembly Awan-igid
01:00 PM Gun Start Awan-igid
SUNDAY, 29th April 2018
11:00 AM Final Cut-off Banaue Hotel
11:30 AM Awarding Ceremonies Banaue Hotel


  • Participants are advised to attend the race briefing.
  • All participants must claim their race kit personally. Bring valid identification.
  • All participants must be able to present their medical certificate.
  • Complete mandatory equipment will be checked.
  • Food will be served for all registered 100M, 100K and 50K participants during the briefing.


  • All 100M participants must be at the pick-up area (Banaue Hotel) 30 minutes before their shuttle’s departure to the start line (Awan-igid). Shuttles will begin to depart at exactly 12:00 PM.
  • Shuttle transport are for registered participants only. Each participant must present his/her race bib upon boarding.
  • Participants may go straight to the starting line (Awan-igid) via private vehicle, be sure to arrive before the assembly time.
  • Check-in baggage is located in Banaue Hotel.
  • Be sure to check-in before the start of the race.
  • Be advised that there are no toilets at the start location.


  • These are the drop bag stations for the 100M:
    1. Mayoyao Municipal – Km 67.2 / 75.5
    2. Barlig – Km 100.4
    3. Awan-igid – Km 121.5
  • Drop bags must be waterproof, sealed and properly labeled with your name & bib number. We will not accept thin plastic bags.
  • Drop bag collection is between 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM at Banaue Hotel after the race briefing.