Recommended Gears

The following items are recommended and/or optional:

Item Description
Hydration Salt / Electrolytes To stop dehydration and prevent cramps. Should be taken as prescribed.
Energy Gels There will be food and drinks at the aid stations. However, you may bring your personal preferred nutrition.
Vaseline / Anti-chafing cream To protect against chafing & blistering
Sunscreen Protection against the sun. Apply before and during race.
Sunglasses Protection against UV rays
Hat / Scarf Protection against the sun, rain & cold at night
Wind Jacket Protection against the wind. Should not replace the mandatory rain jacket.
Long-sleeved shirt / Arm Sleeves Protection against the sun & cold at night.
Calf Compression/Sleeves Can be used as protection from sharp grasses and insects.
Trekking Poles Highly recommended! Especially useful for balancing on narrow paths such as rice paddies, and steep climbs.
Compass May aid in checking navigation or if lost
Course Map To aid in following the course
Running Gaiters To keep “stuff” out of your shoes, and they provide protection from scrapes and abrasions caused by trail debris, branches or rocks.
Cash You may also purchase food and drinks from local stores.